The AMP.


The Artist Marketplace® (The AMP) is an online marketplace to source and book musicians fast. We use quick, cutting edge technology to connect anyone with talent.


To make bookings faster.

Our vision is to make bookings for artists not only simple, but fast. Our marketplace currently allows anyone to send a rapid enquiry or booking offer with a click of a button, all without the kerfuffle of sending an email.  

For artists, our platform allows you to find performance opportunities or event promoters and apply to perform. Our two way booking system means there’s always an opportunity to perform or be found.

UK's first Artist Marketplace.

That’s right. We’re the UK’s first and only booking #artistmarketplace.

Join the revolution.

Join over 1000 artists being booked instantly via unique Artist Profiles, make unlimited connections with promoters and event organisers and manage contract terms, payment and more all in one place.