Here’s our Frequently Asked Questions.


How much does it cost to join?

Joining our Marketplace is 100% free and doesn’t cost a penny for artists, promoters or guests.

Who can join?

Musicians and artists of any kind – so if you play an instrument like the guitar or if you’re a music maker in general, we’d love to get your talents listed.

What exactly does The AMP offer?

We’ve witnessed the booking process and seen how long contacting an artist can take: The boring emails. The lack of responses. Lacklustre management teams. So we’ve revolutionised and fine-tuned that process! At The AMP, we offer a very straight-forward process: find, contact and book talent all in one place. Go a step further by reviewing or simply discovering information all from the Artists or Promoters personal profile. 

What can I do on your marketplace?

Our marketplace is open for you to find new artists and gig opportunities all for free. As a member, you can leave reviews after an artist has performed, view statistics, manage bookings, invoices and money, pay people and more all from your personal dashboard. Promoters can upload performance opportunities and respond to artists and gig applications, choosing the perfect artist.

How does your booking process work?

Guests can either send an enquiry or submit a direct offer to a chosen artist(s) all via the Artist’s profile. When this happens, the artist is notified instantaneously receiving all enquiry details. The artist can then choose to accept or decline the booking in question or simply respond to your enquiry giving you all the information you need. Our team is here to ensure this all happens within a 24-hour time frame. 

How do you handle artist funds?

Once an artist is booked, you’re notified. We then safely hold all funds in our escrow account. 50% of the payment will be sent directly to the artist or artists management, and the other half as soon paid to you as the performance or gig is successfully complete. All payments are securely transacted via our SSL-secured booking system, which is powered by PayPal. Need assistance with a booking or payment? Please contact us here or call us at +44(0)2080502047.

Offer any additional services?

Ready to book your ideal artist? Our legal team will draft a legally binding contractual agreement to ensure you, the booking and all parties are safe and compliant throughout the process, so head to our listings section for happy booking! Note: this service is completely free of charge. Just send us a note here after your booking is made and we’ll get that done for you. *fist bump*

Can important industry people find me here?

Our marketplace is an open community. If your favourite promoters, event organisers, labels or A&R’s are within our network or on our marketplace, they can contact you via your Artist Profile. Who knows where your next gig or opportunity will be?

How do I sign up / list my talent / get found, contacted or booked with The AMP?


Right here.

Don’t see your query? No worries. Feel free to drop us some electronic mail – we usually respond within two working hours.

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